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MIS Review: An International Journal

Published 2 Issues Annually by Airiti, Inc.

2023 Master Thesis Competition Special Issue

For students who may like to participate in the 2023 Master Thesis Competition Special Issue, you may find related information at the MISR Special Issue on Master Thesis Competition page, or visit the following CFP link:(Call for Paper).

MIS Review is a double-blind refereed academic journal published jointly by Department of Management Information Systems, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University in Taiwan. The journal is published both in print and online. We welcome submissions of research papers/case studies in the areas including (but not limited to):


  1. MIS Roles, Trends, and Research Methods
    Roles, positioning and research methods of management information systems, and the impacts & development trends of information technology on organizations.

  2. Information Management
    Information infrastructure planning and implementation, information technology and organizational design, strategic applications of information systems, information system project management, knowledge management, electronic commerce, end-user computing, and service technology management.

  3. Information Technologies
    Database design and management, decision support systems, artificial intelligence applications (including expert systems and neural networks), software engineering, distribution systems, communication networks, multimedia systems, man-machine interface, knowledge acquisition & management, data mining, data warehouse, cooperative technology, and service science & engineering.

  4. Information Applications and Innovations
    The applications and innovations of business functional information systems (e.g. production, marketing, financial, human resources, and accounting information systems), enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, intellectual capital, geographic information systems, and integrated information systems.

  5. Information Technology Education and Society
    Information education, e-learning, and information impacts on society.

  6. Others
    Other MIS-related topics


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